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We are set up as a Vendor for Universal, Sony/RCA, Warner and Amazon/Audible



Competitive Pricing:


Prices vary depending on use but we're not as expensive as you might imagine - if you don't ask you could be missing out.



We will recommend an engineer or producer based on your budget and genre.

If you bring your own engineer they must be fluent with SSL desks and Pro Tools (or their own laptop & interface)



If you need an introduction to the setup Alwyn will happily show you beforehand to make sure you're comfortable before your session.

We also supply studio assistants.


Per Project

Artists can get a discounted "all in price" for their project if they work with a producer such as Alwyn Walker


Gift Vouchers

We do personalised gift vouchers which we can email you at short notice.

visit the Vouchers page....


Funding Suggestions

Many of our clients have had great success using crowdfunding.

Fans, friends and families are more likely to be supportive if they see a plan.

Check out these 5 sites and choose the best one for you:










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