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 Artists Looking for a Producer: 
Alwyn Walker:
Alwyn has over 13 years experience producing and engineering, and although he studied at the exclusive Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, he refined his skills through assisting in commercial studios and running his own facilities. (Komodo Studios, Northern Ireland and Westland Studios, Dublin)
Not content in working with one style, Alwyn's approach to producing allows him to work with a wide variety of styles, including Rock, Acoustic, Grunge, Funk, Country, Folk, Punk, Metal, Indie and Pop.
You can hear examples of his work and read clients' comments on his website www.alwynwalker.com
 Producer looking for a studio and/or engineer: 
- Our engineers are tactful and fast on Pro Tools
- If you already have an engineer,  an assitant will be provided and Alwyn (manager) will be on call during your sessions.
- Westland's gear is kept in good shape
- Alwyn has access to an amazing selection of vintage gear and fx that isn't on the gear list. 
- Interruptions are kept to an absolute minimum
- Our in-house assistants are hand picked (experienced, helpful, tactful and can fit into the vibe or politics in the room)
- Westland has a comfortable green room so inactive band members can watch DVDs or play consoles, rehearse through practice amps, Go downstairs to the Lombard pub for a pint or take the 7 minute walk into temple bar.
If you have any specific questions or requirements just ask.


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