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Westland Studios has been used for many video shoots for both music videos and films such as "Once", Bell-X1's "Flock", The BBC's "Loving Miss Hatto" and "All Is By My Side" (The recent film about Jimi Hendrix, in which Alwyn and John featured as extras!)


Below is a selection of videos shot at Westland.

(and music videos for songs that were recorded or mixed in Westland)


JIMI: All Is By My Side (new film trailer) - Click Here

JIMI: All Is By My Side

Official Trailer for the new film


The Manhattan Syndrome - Click Here

The Manhattan Syndrome

Keep Sake


Mundy & Roisin O - Click Here

Mundy & Roisin O

Turn Off The Silence - Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Charity Single


Leaders Of Men - Click Here

Leaders Of Men

The Game Ends Here


Ian O'Doherty - Click Here

Ian O'Doherty

The Temptation of Eve (unplugged)


Def Leppard - Click Here

Def Leppard

Classic Albums - Hysteria


Michael MacLennan - Click Here

Michael MacLennan



Furlo - Click Here


Song: Lo-Hi (BBC Soundtrack for North-West 200 - 2011)

Video: Music video by Eugene Magee




The Blizzards - Click Here

The Blizzards



The Mighty Steph / The Dubliners - Click Here

The Mighty Steph / The Dubliners

The Mero


Mary Coughlan - Click Here

Mary Coughlan

Whore of Babylon


Riserfall - Click Here


Studio Diary



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