Crazy Longitude VIP Weekend!


Well well that was an adventure.

First, J Cole called me on Thursday. I asked if he was J Cole's manager.
Nope, it was just himself, calling me up.
He came in with his bodyguard/PA/manager? Elijah... What nice guys, true professionals.

Friday we welcomed in Migos. they started recording but the session was interrupted by none other than Conor McGregor. That's right, how does the Notorious celebrate his 30th? Longitude Festival followed by Westland Studios! Needless to say it was mayhem in the control room. I'm sure you can use your imagination (and I can't go into details!)

I thought the crazy weekend was over while cleaning up but then I got a call from Tyler, The Creator's crowd and HE came in. What a talented and friendly dude. Again I thought the excitement was over but no, I then hear that Tyler has invited none other than Solange Knowles to Westland.

What a weekend.

Oh and happy birthday Conor!

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Alwyn Walker

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