Main studio

The main live room is the core studio, for tracking. Featuring its now legendary warm toned Baldwin concert D Grand Piano as seen in the film “Once”, a Hammond C4 & Leslie 147 bought from Bell X1, a Fender Rhodes and another upright piano, the live room is well known amongst engineers for its spacious, yet relatively controlled sound. Sliding glass doors lead into two smaller areas. Together with the baffles, the other booths and recording spaces, Studio 1 offers the artists a vast variety of recording setups with every imaginable option of experimenting their sounds.
On the other side of the studio-window the control room is dominated by its vintage 1982 48 channel SSL E Series console which is paired with a Pro Tools HD3 system (with 32 I/O of Apogee AD/DA16x), to create the desired sound results.





SSL 4048 E Series:
40 x E series channels (36 black EQ, 4 brown)
8 x G series channels

Soffit mounted customised ATC Main Monitors
Harbeth 30 -25th Anniversary (Alwyn’s recommendation)
Tascam VLX-5
Spendor SA200 (on request)
Adam A5X (on request)
Yamaha NS10’s

Pro Tools:
Pro Tools 10 HD3
Mac Pro Quad 2.66 GHz
32 inputs of Apogee AD16X
32 outputs of Apogee DA16X
8 inputs of Digidesign 192
16 outputs of Digidesign 192

Please note: If any system other than Pro Tools HD is required please ask

Soundfield SPS 422B
Brauner Valvet
Neumann U47 fet
Neumann U87 ai
Neumann U87
Neumann U87
Neumann KM184
Neumann KM184
Neumann TLM170
Neumann TLM170
Neumann U89
Coles 4038 (on request)
Coles 4038 (on request)
SE R1 Ribbon
SE R1 Ribbon
Coles 4104 Ribbon Lip Mic
B&K 4006
B&K 4006
AKG C414 TL2
AKG C414 TL2
Rode NTK
Rode NTK
Beyer M88
AKG D112
AKG D112
Audix D6
Blue Ball
Electro-voice RE20
Sennheiser MD421 mk1
Sennheiser MD421 mk1
Sennheiser MD421 mk1
Sennheiser MD421 mk1
Sennheiser MD421 mk2
Sennheiser MD421 mk2
Sennheiser MD421 mk2
Crown PZM 30GBP
Crown PZM 30GBP
Shure SM7b
Shure sm57 (angled)
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm57
Shure sm58 Beta
Shure sm58
Shure sm58 copy
Various fun mics from old tape recorders fitted with XLR’s

Avalon Vt 737 sp (pre/eq/comp)
Avalon Vt 737 sp (pre/eq/comp)
Neve 1073 dual mic pre (on request)
Neve 1276 dual mic pre (on request)
Neve Portico 5012 dual mic pre
Amek 9098 pre/EQ
Amek 9098 pre/EQ
Distressor (on request)
Distressor (on request)
UREI 1178
Focusrite Blue 230 Stereo Comp (on request)
Lexicon 224XL with LARC
Eventide Eclipse
Eventide Eclipse
Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer DSP4000
Drawmer 1960
Drawmer 1960 (on request)
dbx 165A
dbx 165A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 160A
dbx 903 compressor
dbx 903 compressor
dbx 902 de-esser
dbx 902 de-esser
dbx 902 de-esser
dbx 902 de-esser
Aphex exciter 9001
Aphex exciter 9001
Aphex exciter 9001
TLAudio Ivory 5021 mk2 stereo comp
TLAudio Ivory 5021 mk2 stereo comp
TLAudio Ivory 5021 mk2 stereo comp
TLAudio Ivory 5013 stereo valve EQ
TLAudio Ivory 5051 pre/comp/eq
TLAudio Ivory 5051 pre/comp/eq
TLAudio Fat 2 pre/comp
Toft ATC-2 pre/comp/eq
TC Electronic M5000 with remote
Lexicon model 200
Lexicon PCM 91
Yamaha Rev 5
Yamaha SPX90
Aphex Compellor

…and of course EQ and Dynamics on all 48 channels of the SSL

Also available through our mobile/live recording partners at

ATI xm2 (8 pre designed/made by API)
Audient ASP8000
Mackie Onyx x8
CLM Dynamics x8
Focusrite Octopre x8

Slate VCC
Waves Power Pack
Avid Channel Strip
Cranesong Phoenix II
Soundtoys Little Radiator
Massey Tapehead
Altiverb 6
Reverb 1
Autotune 7
Elysia Alpha
Brainworks Dyn EQ
Metric Halo Channelstrip 2 & 3
Slate Trigger
PSP bundle (incl. VintageWarmer, Neon HR, MasterComp)
Digidesign Producer bundle pro
Digidesign Eleven
Line6 Amp Farm
Oxford Dynamics
Oxford Supressor
Lots of VST’s
Virtual Instruments:
Xpand 2
Juno emulations
Hofa CD-Burn & DDP
Hofa IQ-EQ

DI / Reamp:
Radial J48
Radial X-Amp
Radial passive DI (on request)
Audio & Design passive DI
Audio & Design passive DI

Baldwin Concert D Grand Piano (tuned professionally)
Durand Upright Piano (tuned by Alwyn, sounds “chorus-y”)
Hammond C4 organ & leslie 147 (kindly on loan from Brian Crosby – Bell X1)
Fender Rhodes mk1 (sounds great with MXR stereo chorus & 2 amps)
Baldwin funmachine organ
Philips Philicorda organ
Orla Sonatina P
M-Audio Prokeys 88 weighted keyboard
Midi Controller keyboard
Soft synths

Vox AC-30 (blue speakers)
Fender Bassman 100W head (1972) (guit/bass)
Fender Twin
Mesa/Boogie Maverick
Danelectro Cadet (5W 70’s amp)
Marshall JCM800 (with fx loop)
Marshall JCM Superbass 100W (guit/bass)
Ampeg SVT2 Pro (all valve, top of the range)
Trace Elliot Hexavalve 100W (all valve, top of the range)
Ampeg 8×10 classic cab for bass
Carlsbro “50 Top” Combo (Eminence 15” speaker)
Mesa/Boogie Recto stereo recording Preamp
Klieber 120W valve Power amp
Marshall JMP1 valve preamp
Marshall 1960A 4×12 cab
Marshall 1935 4×12 cab
Marshall 1960B 4×12 cab
Marshall 1935B 4×12 cab
Mesa Oversized 4×12 cab
Orange 4×12 cab
Viewlex U.S. military portable cinema speaker (metal cab)
Software amps incl. Digidesign Eleven, Line6 Amp Farm etc…

Fender Stratocaster (USA pickups)
Telecaster (Fender Texas Special pickups)
Epiphone Les Paul (Gibson Burstbucker 3’s)
Hohner HS35 (classic 57 pickups, sounds like a Gibson 335)
Washburn HB30 (S. Duncan hotrodded set)
Epiphone Nighthawk (Gibson classic 61) – huge rock sound
Westbury Standard (Gibson P94 – S. Duncan jaguar single coil)
Custom Made strat type (Squier classic player pickups)
Aria Pro II hollowbody
Howard vintage 50’s guitar (gold foil pickup)
Ibanez S Series (Satriani Dimarzios: PAF Pro+QSM1+FRED)
Indie “tree of life” 6 string semi-acoustic
Tanglewood acoustic
12 string acoustic
Fender Jazz bass
Custom P bass (S. Duncan Quarter Pound pickups)
Westone Fretless bass
Samick short scale bass (Telecaster Wide Range pickup)

Mapex Orion kit 1: (22”kick, 13”RT, 16”HT toms)
Mapex Orion kit 2: (22”kick, 10”RT, 12”RT, 14”FT, 16”FT toms)
Mapex Orion Snare
Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature Brass Snare 14”x7”
Pearl Masters custom maple snare 14”x7”
Pearl Masters custom maple snare plus 14”x7”
old snare converted to a timbale
large selection of drum skins (mostly not new but good cond.)
Pearl Powershifter x2
Double Pearl Powershifter
DW 4000 double pedal
Ddrum Pro kick & snare trigger
Alesis DM5
Bodrhan x3

Pearl Elite Bongos
pro shakers
egg shakers
home made shakers
5x tambourines (incl. HH mounted) etc…
little toy drums etc…

Zildjian A Custom Crashes
Zildjian K Crashes (15”)
Zildjian A Crashes
Zildjian A Rock Ride
Zildjian K Custom Ride
Zildjian Oriental China
Zildjian China Boy
Zildjian Splashes
Zidjian Mastersound Hihats (14”)
Zildjian A New Beat Hihats (13″)
Sabian Paragon Hihats (14″)
a few others 🙂

We have a total of approx 30 sets of headphones
Most commonly used in the studio are:
Sennheiser HD 280 x4
Sennheiser HD 212 Pro x3
Sennheiser HD 203 x3
Extreme Isolation x5
Vic Firth

THD Hot Plate (8 Ohms)
mic/instr input into Leslie (made by Alwyn with Joemeek pre)
Roland Space Echo RE 201
WEM Copycat Retro Tape Delay (varispeed)
Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2 Fuzz
MXR Stereo Chorus
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wha
Marshall MS2 (tiny amp, sounds “terrible” – as in great)
Marshall Edward the Compressor
BOSS Distortion DS-1
BOSS Overdrive/Distortion OS-2
BOSS Turbo Overdrive OD-2
BOSS Powerdriver PW-2
BOSS MetalZone MT-2
BOSS Tuner TU-2 (x3)
BOSS Octave OC-2
BOSS Bass Chorus CE-2B
BOSS Graphic EQ GE-7
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Korg Limiter
DOD Super American Metal FX56B
Ibanez Stereo Chorus
Korg DTR 2000 rack tuner
3 x USA 110v transformers
Child’s Megaphone (does robot voice!)
And loads of other toys…