Since 1976

As the legend goes* in the 70's what is now known as the Westland Studios building housed a lot of promoters from the showband era. A few of them got together and built Lombard Sound Studios which was used by many artists who were just starting out. These included some of the first recordings by U2, Thin Lizzy, Aslan, Radiators From Space, Planxty and many more.

1985 renamed Westland

In 1985 two of the original owners (Tom Costello and Brian Molloy) bought out the others and transformed Lombard Studios into a world class facility. Under the management of Tom's daughter Deirdre Costello, the incredibly successful team not only attracted some of the biggest names in the worldwide industry (U2, Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Placebo, Brian Adams etc...) but the pair also ran other businesses including record labels truly establishing themselves as legends in the Irish music industry. Sadly Brian Molloy passed away in late 2005 (as was reported by Hotpress) and Tom Costello retired leaving his popular daughter Deirdre in charge.


In late 2010 producer Alwyn Walker (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts / Komodo Studios NI) was looking for a base in Dublin and was honoured to become a part of the Lombard/Westland legacy. Through the most difficult years that the industry has seen in recent memory Alwyn has kept the studio open and has welcomed in returning established artists (Aslan, Phil Coulter, Radiators - now Trouble Pilgrims) as well as more contemporary names such as Gemma Hayes, Hozier, Miley Cyrus, Glen Hansard, Gavin James, Ryan Sheridan, Wyvern Lingo, Little Green Cars, Joss Stone etc...